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Child Support & Custody

Fairfield and New Haven County Child Custody Lawyer

For over 25 years, our firm has practiced exclusively in the area family law. We have dedicated our practice to helping Connecticut families work through difficult times in their lives. If you have children are going through a divorce, or if you are unmarried and concerned about your rights with respect to your children, we can help.

At Sheila K. Rosenstein, Attorney at Law , we believe it is important for parents to maintain an active role in their children's lives. We can help you understand your rights, and we are open and honest regarding your circumstances. It is our goal to help families, even through difficult times, establish healthy relationships with, and environments for, the children. We can help you through complicated child custody issues.

Family law issues involving your children may include:

  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Parental rights
  • Parenting plans
  • Paternity

We tailor our approach to each individual case, always keeping our clients' best interests in mind. We work for your benefit. We will work hard to ensure that you understand all of your options and are comfortable with the decisions you make.

Helping Non-Married Couples with Child Custody and Visitation

Our firm has experience helping mothers and fathers who are unmarried. If you are concerned about your parental rights, or need assistance regarding visitation or child support, we can help. In addition, we can help clients seeking to establish paternity. We can help you understand and protect your rights as a parent.

Contact Sheila K. Rosenstein, Attorney at Law regarding any family law issues that include parent's rights or child custody. Our firm is committed to helping you reach your goals, and we put the needs of you and your children first. Schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who can explain your rights.

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